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When to Fill Your Heating Oil or Propane Tank

when to order fuel connecticutThere is always a rush for heating oil and propane fill-ups as winter approaches, since people’s heating needs increase as the weather gets colder. Likewise, summer is another busy season for propane, with families grilling frequently, using propane to heat their pools and spas, and enjoying their propane firepits in the evenings. Now is the perfect time to get a head start on filling up your heating oil and propane tanks, before demand increases when those frigid New England winters hit.

Take advantage of low oil and propane prices this fall in Fairfield, Litchfield and New Haven counties

If you’re looking for the best prices on heating oil or propane, early fall is the most predictable season for scoring a great deal. That’s because temperatures are milder, and so is demand for heating. Of course, we also offer EZ Pay, our monthly payment plan that lets you spread out propane and heating oil payments equally over 12 months, as well as price protection options.

Get Your Heating Oil and Propane Needs Squared Away Before Everyone Else Is Scrambling

Connecticut winters can turn harsh at a moment’s notice, and when that happens, everyone gets concerned about whether they have enough heating oil and propane on hand for their appliances, heating needs and whole-house backup generators. By filling up your tanks in early fall, you can save yourself the extra trouble – and cost – that come with being unprepared.

This is also an optimal time to enroll in our Automatic Delivery service for heating oil and propane. We use your usage history and current weather to accurately predict when you’ll need fuel, and schedule a delivery before you run low.

Propane users also have the option for even more precise control of their supply with our wireless propane tank monitoring.

Protect Your Family and Keep Them Comfortable in the Coming Months

A lack of heating oil or propane during the cold months in our area can quickly become an emergency. By taking steps now to prepare for your propane and heating oil needs, you can enjoy time with your family in the cozy comfort of your home and avoid the panic that comes with a last-minute scramble, as well as the hassle and expense of an emergency delivery.

Get peace of mind by filling up your heating oil and propane tanks as early as possible. Locally-owned Jennings Oil & Propane can help you with all of your heating oil and propane needs, offering competitive prices and convenient payment plans, so you always know what to expect. Become a customer today!