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The Best Propane Tank for Your Home

Here’s What You Need to Know

propane tanks connecticutOne of the reasons so many households choose to use propane is because of how versatile a fuel it is. There’s so much it can do in and around your Connecticut home. It can keep your pool, home, and running water warm. It can cook your food and dry your clothes. Another benefit of using propane is the efficiency it offers.

If you have a home that uses propane, then you also have a propane tank. It’s important to have the right propane tank for your needs. In order to pick the best propane tank for your home, there are a few things you should know. Let’s take a look at some factors to consider.

Quality Matters

Jennings Oil & Propane installs propane tanks that are built to last by trusted manufacturers like Manchester, Trinity, and Worthington. We also provide propane tank repairs and offer propane tank monitoring to make being a Jennings propane customer worry-free.

What Size Propane Tank Do I Need?

Propane tanks come in a variety of sizes. Which size propane tank is right for your Connecticut home depends on a few factors. You need to know how big your home is and what types of propane appliances you’re going to be using in your home. If you feel like you’re calling for refills too often, chances are your home needs a bigger tank. The propane experts at Jennings Oil & Propane can help you determine which propane tank size is best for your household’s needs.

Because of how versatile propane is, people use it in many different ways. So propane tanks come in a range of sizes. Here’s an overview.

Should I Lease or Own My Propane Tank?

There are benefits to propane tank leasing from a company you trust. When you own your own propane tank, you’re free to purchase your tank from any company you like. But switching suppliers can be a hassle. Most of our customers choose to lease their tanks from us because it costs less and makes being a propane customer much easier. Buying and installing your own propane tank can cost as much as $3,000. And you’re on the hook for all maintenance and repairs. When you lease your propane tank from Jennings & Propane, we take responsibility for the maintenance and safety of your tank.

Get Comfortable

You can get comfortable with Jennings Oil & Propane. We are a top-rated company with over 80 years of experience providing excellent service to our customers in parts of Fairfield, Litchfield, and New Haven counties in Connecticut. And if you’re looking to switch propane companies, we make it easy

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