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Taking a Closer Look at Price Protection

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Jennings Oil has always been committed to taking the worry out of heating your home. That’s why we offer our customers insurance against price uncertainty by giving them the choice, if they prefer, to lock in their rate or cap their fuel price for the season. This helps reduce worries by providing customers with stability against the unforeseen in a volatile energy market.

Because the fact is, we never know what the market’s going to do, or how world events or extreme weather may affect energy prices of all kinds. Right now, oil prices have hit their lowest point since 2009 and there is a lot of optimism that they may stay stable for quite some time, especially since U.S. oil production has reached its highest level in 43 years. But nobody can ever say for certain what will happen next.

Another super-cold winter, continued volatility in the stock market (currently exasperated by China’s troubled economy), or a new eruption in the Middle East could all affect the direction of energy prices.

With all this in mind, many our customers think it’s a good idea to “hedge their bets” with a price protection program. Like any contract, both sides have to fulfill their ends of the bargain. On our end, we promise to provide the fuel to keep you warm all winter, and you promise to pay an agreed upon price.

History has shown that our price cap plan is the safest choice because it provides protection whether prices go up or down. Conversely, a contracted fixed price cannot be lowered, even if market prices fall, as they did last winter.

But with that said, please keep in mind that price contracts do not guarantee that you will save money every year. They only guarantee you a certain level of price certainty.

Our customer service representatives will be happy help you choose the pricing and payment options that you think will provide you with the most peace of mind. Please feel free to contact us at any time to request more information or visit our price protection page for additional details.