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Stay in Control

Alane Jennings

Heating costs can really add up during a long cold winter; that’s why we offer programs to make it easier to manage your household budget and control costs.

One of our most popular programs is EZ Pay. This monthly payment program lets you spread your fuel payments out over 10 months (depending on when you enroll). If you have a credit balance at the end of any month, we are one of the few companies in the area that will pay you a rebate on that balance.

We give you price protection options too! With our fixed price plan, you purchase a specific number of gallons at a set price. If you choose to prepay for your fuel at a fixed price, we’ll give you a discount of 5¢ per gallon.

With our price cap program, you order a specific number of gallons and a “cap” limits how high your fuel price can go. This option includes downside protection, which means you can benefit if market prices go below the cap. A cap fee is required, but you can spread it out in your EZ Pay payments if you wish.

Please call us to request further details or to enroll.