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Start swimming season early with a propane pool heater

swimming pool heaterRemember this date: April 27, 2019.

In case you’re not up on your 1,200+ National Celebration Days, that’s National Pool Opening Day – time to pull off the tarp and get skimming!

The problem for those of us living in Connecticut is that April mornings and evenings can still be quite chilly: in fact, average temperatures in our service area can dip into the 50s well into June – not exactly prime weather for a dip. For many of us, that means putting off any serious pool time until summer – which is a bummer, considering we will probably have to close our pool in September.

But what if you could extend your pool season by a month or more? You can if you have a propane pool heater.

Propane pool heaters: a convenient option for swimming comfort

A propane pool heater works the same way your home water heating system does: it burns gas to warm cold water, then cycles the warm water back into the pool.

Great for In-ground and above ground pools and spas, propane pool heaters are:

Propane: THE fuel for your pool

Propane pool heaters enjoy significant advantages over other pool heater types, including:

Considering adding a propane pool heater to your Connecticut home? Make sure you have a reliable propane supplier to keep you swimming comfortably all season long. If you’re already a Jennings Automatic Propane Delivery customer, be sure to let us know if you add a pool heater so we can adjust your propane delivery schedule!

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