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Should I switch to a propane water heater?

water heater
The type of water heater you pick can have a surprising impact on your quality of life: not only will it affect how much you spend on your energy bills in your Connecticut home (since nearly 20 percent of your energy bills could come from heating water), but it will also influence your property value, your home’s carbon footprint, and even the wellbeing of your family.

For all these reasons and more, we recommend propane water heaters. Compared to electric models, propane water heaters are:

The bottom line

Compared with electric models, propane water heaters cost less to operate, last longer, and are less harmful to the planet. If you make a further investment in a propane tankless water heating system, you’ll also save space, get unlimited hot water, and gain more accurate temperature control and longer equipment life.

When you add it all up, propane and water heating are a perfect match. To learn more about the propane advantage for water heating, contact Jennings Oil & Propane today.

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