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Easy Propane Tank Refill in CT

Bring Your Portable Tanks to Jennings Oil & Propane in Gaylordsville for a Refill

Ever wonder who refills propane tanks? We do, right at our own propane supply terminal, located at 10 Allen Drive in Gaylordsville.

To make your propane tank refill as convenient as possible, please review these instructions.

Tanks must be in good, safe condition; we cannot refill tanks with excessive corrosion or other serious damage.

Your tank may require recertification. If your cylinder is not approved for recertification, we cannot fill it. Recertifying your propane cylinder is a simple test we perform to make sure your portable tank conforms to Department of Transportation (DOT) safety standards. All portable propane tanks must be recertified for use if the tank:

  • was manufactured 12 or more years ago
  • was last certified more than five years ago
  • has some damage (dents, broken collar, etc.)

Depending on the age of the tank, the recertification may include upgrading it with a new valve called an overfill prevention device. As the name implies, this valve is a protective device that prevents a propane cylinder from being overfilled.

Transporting portable cylinders

  • Cylinders above 40-lb. capacity cannot be transported in the cab space where the driver is located. Vehicles such as cars, vans, etc. fall under this category. Cylinders above 40 lbs. must be transported upright and secure in a pickup truck or trailer.
  • Cylinders 40 lbs. and below can be transported in the cab of a car or van, up to a maximum of 90 lbs. You can transport up to four 20-lb. cylinders inside your vehicle.
  • All cylinders must be transported in an upright position after they are filled. Cylinders may not be transported lying down.

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