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Propane Tank Monitoring: The Ultimate Solution for No-Stress Propane Deliveries

Feeling cold indoors

It’s been a roller coaster 2018 weather-wise here in Connecticut, with temperatures seeming to routinely shift 30 degrees or more in a 24-hour period (that’s happened four times already so far this year).

When weather is that unpredictable, it’s easy to lose track of how much propane is in your tank – until one day you come home to a cold house, usually on the most frigid day of the year.

Not good.

Automatic propane delivery can help you avoid these unexpected problems, and is a definite step up from will-call delivery in terms of convenience and ensuring your peace of mind. But because Automatic Delivery relies on estimates (based on your past usage and the current weather), you still run some risk for a run-out when the amount of propane gas you’re using changes suddenly and radically in response to weather.

If you want a guarantee that you’ll never run out of propane no matter what Mother Nature has in store, you’ll definitely want to check out our Tank Monitoring service.

For a nominal fee, we’ll install a radio transmitter on your tank that lets our delivery crew track your fuel level remotely so we can deliver your propane exactly when you need it. The system can be set up in a couple of hours (you don’t have to be home for installation) and requires no ongoing maintenance. Once it’s installed, you’ll get instant peace of mind – and no more costly propane run-outs.

Never run out of propane gas again – sign up for propane tank monitoring from Jennings Oil & Propane today! Contact us for details.