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Preparing for Annual A/C Maintenance

Air conditioner filter

Spring is here – which means it’s time start preparing for your annual A/C maintenance.

Professional annual maintenance is a no-brainer way to protect the investment you’ve made in your home cooling and heating equipment (spring’s a great time to take care of your routine heating equipment maintenance, too). Tune-ups keep your equipment running better for longer, and help you find small problems before they turn into big repairs.

Althought A/C maintenance is never a DIY job, there are things you can get the ball rolling for a spring visit from your friendly neighborhood A/C technician. Here are six small steps you can take right now to prepare for your annual A/C maintenance call:


  1. Check outdoor unit panels – Your outdoor A/C unit includes panels that enclose and protect electrical connections; if the panels are missing or out of place, contact us before starting your system.
  2. Remove condenser covers – Take off seasonal covers, blankets, or lids before turning on the unit; leaving covers on while operating the unit for even a short time could do costly damage to your system.
  3. Remove debris from the condenser unit and coil – Remove any branches, leaves, or other wind-blown fall and winter debris.


  1. Clean the supply vents and return grills – Remove dust, pet hair, and any other debris from the supply and return air grills of your internal A/C unit – preferably with a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter.
  2. Move objects away from vents – Look for areas where curtains, furniture, or other items could be blocking air flow and reducing cooling efficiency.
  3. Turn your AC on to make sure it works – Turn on your A/C unit and check the air coming out of the indoor vents for a few minutes. Check the system every few throughout the day. If your A/C doesn’t start, try troubleshooting before you call for repairs.

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