Serving parts of Fairfield, Litchfield & New Haven Counties since 1982

One Call Does It All

Jeffrey Jennings

Dear Friends,

We wouldn’t have been able to thrive all these years in a competitive market like Connecticut if we hadn’t always put our customers first. A big part of that is trying to make your life easier by offering a variety of services — which are all just a phone call away.

That’s why we recently added propane to our offerings. Many of our heating oil customers who also use propane found it burdensome to call different companies to order different fuels. Since we launched our propane division, we’ve heard from quite a few happy customers who appreciate how easy it is now to take care of all their heating fuel needs with just one phone call.

Of course, we deliver convenience in many other ways. Our diversified products and services help keep your fuel and service bills under control.

Evolving our business hasn’t changed our fundamental business model. We’re still dedicated to “old-fashioned” customer service, and providing real value that goes beyond fair pricing. Whether you need a tune-up, an emergency delivery or a replacement system, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to help.

Whatever winter brings, we’re here for you and look forward to serving you this season.


Jeffrey Jennings