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Leasing vs Owning A Propane Tank

And Other Common Questions

propane tank leasing fairfield county, ct If you’re one of the many Americans who take advantage of propane’s versatility and efficiency and use it in and around your Connecticut home for things like warming your water, heating your home, cooking food, and running appliances, then you also have a propane tank. That propane tank (combined with reliable delivery from Jennings Oil & Propane) gives you continued access to the propane you need to keep your home running smoothly. And with Jennings Oil & Propane, you’re also ensured competitive prices and stellar service.

At Jenning Oil & Propane, we’re propane experts. If you’re looking to switch propane providers, we make it easy. We also provide expert installation, repairs, and maintenance for propane furnaces, boilers, and other propane appliances. And for a nominal fee, we provide propane tank monitoring so you don’t have to worry about your propane levels or remember to call for delivery.

Let’s focus now on propane tanks and some frequently asked questions.

How Long Do Propane Tanks Last?

Aboveground propane tanks can last 30 years or longer. How long your tank lasts will have a lot to do with the tank’s size and how well it’s maintained.

Underground propane tanks can last between 20 and 30 years. How long your tank lasts have a lot to do with the type of soil it’s in and how well it was installed.

Should I Lease or Own My Propane Tank?

There are benefits to leasing your propane tank from a reputable company like Jennings Oil & Propane. When you own your own propane tank, you’re free to purchase your tank from any company you like. But switching suppliers can be a hassle. Most of our customers choose to lease their tanks from us because it costs less and makes being a propane customer much easier. Buying and installing your own propane tank can cost as much as $3,000. And you’re on the hook for all maintenance and repairs. When you lease your propane tank from Jennings Oil & Propane, we take responsibility for the maintenance and safety of your tank. And we’re experts in the safe handling of propane tanks. Whether you’d like to learn more about buying, leasing, or renting a propane tank, Jennings Oil & Propane is here to answer your questions.

Do I Have the Right Size Propane Tank?

Which size propane tank is right for your Connecticut home depends on a few factors like the size of your home and the types of propane appliances you’re going to be using in your home. If you feel like you’re calling for refills too often, it’s possible your home needs a bigger tank. The propane experts at Jennings Oil & Propane can help you determine which propane tank size is best for your household’s needs.

But here are some general guidelines when considering propane tank sizes:

Get Comfortable

You can get comfortable with Jennings Oil & Propane. We are a top-rated company with over 80 years of experience providing excellent service to our customers in Danbury, Kent, New Milford, Newton, Ridgefield, Southbury, and surrounding towns in parts of Fairfield, Litchfield, and New Haven counties in Connecticut.

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