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How Do I Check My Propane Tank Level?

how much propane is in my tankIf you manage your own propane supply rather than relying on Jennings for automatic propane delivery, your most important job is to keep an eye on how much fuel is in your propane tank.

How To Read a Propane Tank Gauge:

Reading a propane tank gauge is quite simple – just look for a dial that resembles a speedometer on your propane tank; once you find it, simply read the gauge just as you would the gas gauge on your car.

But there’s a catch: for safety reasons, a propane delivery crew only fills your tank to 80 percent of its stated capacity. The remaining 20 percent of the tank remains empty to allow the gas to expand as temperatures rise. That means that a 320-gallon tank, when full, will actually contain only 256 gallons of propane.

With less fuel in your tank than you think, you can see why it’s so important to schedule your propane delivery when the tank is no less than one-quarter full. That will give our crews enough time to make a propane delivery in Connecticut before you run out of fuel -– a hassle and expense you definitely want to avoid.

If you do run out of propane, don’t panic – call Jennings for an emergency propane delivery and propane service. We will inspect your propane equipment and perform your mandatory leak and pressure test, then get your tank refilled so you can get your propane appliances back on line as quickly as possible.

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