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How Long Do Propane Tanks Last?

A look at the equipment’s shelf life

propane tank Litchefield County, CT Many of the things that we use on a regular basis need replacing. The clothes we wear are on constant rotation. Kitchen appliances and tools need to be tossed and upgraded. We need new cell phones every now and then. And, eventually, our propane tanks need to be replaced.

How long a propane tank lasts

No, propane tanks do not last forever. However, they do have quite a significant shelf life.

Propane tanks that live above ground typically last for about 30 years (and sometimes even longer!). You can add years to your aboveground propane tank by taking proper care of it. The size of your propane tank also impacts how long it will last.

You can usually get about 20 to 30 years out of an underground propane tank. The lifespan of an underground propane tank depends mostly on how well it is installed and what type of soil it lives in.

Is it time to replace your propane tank?

While you can certainly get a lot of years out of a well-maintained propane tank, it will eventually be time for a replacement. But how do you know when a replacement is necessary?

A lot of the time it’s fairly easy to know when it’s time for a new tank since tanks are actually all labeled with an expiration date. Manufactures put this date on the tanks as they are being made. You can find your tank’s expiration date near the tare weight. Obviously, once you’ve reached the expiration date you should replace your propane tank.

In addition to the expiration date, there are some additional signs that indicate your propane tank has seen its day, including:

Ways to make your propane tank last

There are certain things that homeowners can do to help their propane tanks last a long time. Homeowners should:

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