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Today’s Oil Heat

Oil Heat Benefits Include an Abundant Supply, Super-Efficient Heating Systems and Much More

There has been a new American oil revolution taking place in energy production that has created a huge surge in oil, resulting in lower heating oil prices.

As always, it remains to be seen how oil prices will play out in the years ahead, since factors such as severe weather, the state of the economy and world events affecting energy production are so unpredictable. But with U.S. oil production levels surging strongly, there is a better chance that oil prices may stay at lower levels in the future.

But the good news about today’s oil heat goes beyond lower prices and abundant supply. Oil is getting greener, cleaner and more efficient in dramatic ways.

In the last few years, heating oil has been reformulated to make it cleaner burning, much more environmentally friendly and significantly more energy efficient. Sulfur levels have been dramatically reduced, and every gallon now includes biofuel, a renewable blend of oil from materials like sunflowers, soybeans and vegetables.

This new, cleaner-burning fuel, which we call BioHeat, reduces emissions, enabling heating systems to run more efficiently and saving money on fuel. When matched with new high efficiency oil heating equipment, BioHeat actually burns cleaner than natural gas. What’s more, BioHeat is made in America.

Today’s heating oil also allows for the introduction of super-efficient heating systems, which are already being used with great results outside of the U.S.

So when it comes to warmth, safety, value and efficiency, there’s nothing more comforting than today’s oil heat.