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Heating Oil Takes a Big Leap Forward!

Jeffrey Jennings

Dear Friends,

As of July 1, all of the heating oil delivered in Connecticut contains an ultra-low amount of sulfur. You might be wondering what ultra‑low-sulfur fuel is and what it means for you. I’m here to tell you!

Sulfur is the heating oil component that leads to most of the maintenance issues and system problems that arise during the life of a heating system. Now, however, sulfur has been virtually eliminated from heating oil.

In fact, with a 99% lower sulfur content than standard heating oil, homeowners will see their systems operating more efficiently and find that their heating costs are reduced. Their systems will last longer and burn fuel extremely cleanly, with very few emissions.

This opens the door for the use of super-efficient heating boilers and furnaces, and it’s really a win for the industry and for all homeowners who use clean-burning heating oil.

Of course, that’s not the only good news this season. As another winter approaches, please remember that you can always count on us to be there when you need us. We will put your needs first and do whatever we can to keep your family safe and comfortable, no matter how cold it gets.

Thanks for your business and for your confidence in us.

Jeffrey Jennings, Co-Owner