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Finally, a Spring Break!

Winter struggles

Dear Friends,

This past winter presented challenges the likes of which we haven’t seen in a long while. We endured below-average cold over an extended period and what seemed like never-ending snowstorms. But through it all, our drivers, helpers, technicians and offi ce staff were here every day — and into the night — to make sure we could provide you with the fuel and service you have come to expect from us.

Our drivers faced many hurdles, literally. We assigned two men per truck because they had to wade through waist-deep snow and cope with slippery driveways. A big thank-you to all of you who were able to clear driveways and shovel paths to your oil tanks!

Sometimes our drivers had to make tough decisions on whether to navigate a driveway or pull a 45-pound hose more than 100 feet from the road to the tank. The photo of Marco at left really sums up what they had to go through to keep our customers warm.

Through it all, there was not one single negative incident or damage to equipment or property.

It is during winters like these that it really pays off to put your trust in a company that truly values every customer. No one comes through better than our team, no matter how rough the conditions.

As we look forward to all the warmer days ahead, we hope you’ll give us a call to talk about any of the ways we can help you keep more comfortable and save money.


Jeffrey Jennings