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A Thermo Pride oil furnace is built with durability and home comfort in mind

We offer affordable prices, repair, installation and maintenance services on oil furnaces in parts of Fairfield, Litchfield and New Haven counties, Connecticut.

Below is just one of the excellent furnace brand we recommend:

Thermo Pride Premier Oil Furnace

Thermo Pride Premier Oil Furnace

When you want to experience exceptional comfort, increased efficiency, and quieter operation while still receiving the handcrafted quality of Thermo Pride’s traditional oil furnace, select the Premiere Oil Furnace with the ECM variable-speed blower motor. Since the ECM motor automatically adjusts its speed for varying heating and cooling modes, it delivers maximum comfort to your home. It also uses less electricity than a conventional blower motor, saving you money (based on 0.08/kWh electric cost).

  1. Annual savings for heating your home – about $58
  2. Annual saving for heating and cooling your home – about $76
  3. When using a constant fan that runs for air filtration, your annual savings can average $480 for just heating your home or $429 for heating and cooling your home.

Here are some other ECM benefits:

  • Quieter start up, greater efficiency, and more comfortable due to an infinite number of fan motor speeds
  • Delivery of comfortable airflow in both the heating and cooling modes. The blower motor starts at a slower speed and builds to the correct running speed
  • Automatically compensates for restricted ducts or a dirty air filter by increasing the motor speed (routine filter cleaning is still recommended)
  • Energy bills will be lower due to efficiency of the ECM motor (especially when you run the blower for long periods of time.)
  • Reduced fan speeds will run more quietly and save energy when the blower is running constantly, as with air filtration

Contact us for prices and parts for this and other Thermo Pride furnaces that might be right for your particular home’s needs. We can also install or repair other makes and models, including Spirit and Williamson furnaces. Serving Danbury, New Milford, Southbury, Newtown, Ridgefield, Kent and surrounding towns in parts of Fairfield, Litchfield and New Haven counties in CT.