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Air Cleaners

Improve personal and equipment health with whole house air filters

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies show that indoor air may contain up to ten times more pollution than outside your door. This pollution—within space you occupy for many hours each day—can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, causing headaches, dizziness, and fatigue as well as aggravate asthma, allergy, and cold/flu conditions.

Consider these facts:

  • 350 million pollutant particles are inhaled each day—equivalent to two teaspoons
  • 50 million Americans suffer from allergies
  • 20 million Americans suffer from asthma
  • 6 billion dollars is spent each year on treating respiratory problems

These effects from bacteria, viruses, mold, and other microscopic waste and spores are especially annoying—and can be fatal—for weaker inhabitants and visitors, such as infants, the elderly, and pets.

Dirty air does more than just harm the health of your family and visitors, however. It also harms your heating and air conditioning systems. Microscopic particulates stick to the internal components of your systems and can damage motors and fans, which causes less efficient heating and cooling transfer and extra effort from your machines.

One heavy-duty, more expensive solution is to install whole-house UV lights in the ductwork of your central air conditioning system.

A more affordable solution (albeit one that requires a bit more work from changing filters) to install a whole house air filter system in your ductwork.

These paper or synthetic air filters do a fine job at trapping particulates down to fractions of a micron in size. You can simply discard used filters, and some models offer a washable, removable pre-filter to catch larger particles first, and an optional charcoal after-filter to help remove common household odors such as from smoke or pets.

Below are some examples of UV lighting systems that we sell and install:

Honeywell® F200E1037/U Media Air Cleaner

Honeywell® F200E1037/U Media Air Cleaner

In more than 100 million homes and 5 million buildings worldwide, Honeywell products, components and systems deliver temperature control, comfort, energy conservation and safety.

The F200E Media Air Cleaner captures a significant amount of airborne particles from the air circulated through the unit. This high-efficiency system includes cabinet, access door, media filter, and Airwatch Indicator

Its features include:

  • AIRWATCH filter change indicator
  • High-efficiency charged-media filter captures particles down to 0.3 microns
  • Zinc-coated, roll-formed cabinet resists corrosion
  • Needs no electrical connections
  • Quick and easy media filter replacement
  • Easy future upgrade to higher-performing media or electronic air cleaner

Trion® Air Bear® Supreme Whole-house Air Cleaners

Trion® Air Bear® Supreme Whole-house Air Cleaners

Trion® has been a world leader in Indoor Air Quality Products (IAQ) since 1947, with millions of products installed in homes all across the United States, North America, and around the world. With a proven track record of high quality and reliable products, Trion offers you the right products to assist you with meeting your goals for home IAQ.

The model shown here features:

  • Rated airflow up to 2000 CFM
  • Non-woven, 5-inch thick, pleated media filter, trapping particles as small as one micron
  • Efficiency rating of MERV 8 or MERV 11

Aprilaire® Model 5000 Air Purifier

Aprilaire® Model 5000 Air Purifier

Aprilaire has been delivering home comfort solutions for more than 50 years. Its history as an industry innovator began in 1954. Today it is headquartered in the USA, and all of its air quality products are built domestically.

The model shown here features:

  • All rooms cleaned in your home up to four times an hour
  • Traps 99% of airborne pollen, mold, and spore-sized particles
  • Eliminates 98% of airborne bacteria-sized particles and fungi
  • Removes 98% of pet dander and respirable dust
  • Captures 95% of airborne particles the size of smog and tobacco smoke
  • Removes up to 80% of airborne virus-sized particles, down to 0.01 microns
  • Media replacement and wire wipe-downs require only 20 minutes

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