Serving parts of Fairfield, Litchfield & New Haven Counties since 1982

Equipment Services in Parts of Litchfield, Fairfield, and New Haven County, CT

We sell, install, maintain and repair a wide range of heating equipment, cooling equipment and indoor air quality equipment

While Jennings Oil & Propane offers our customers a wide variety of essential heating oil and diesel fuel services, we have long been committed to providing you with world-class equipment and support services as well.

We tailor each equipment discussion with you to your home’s size and activity levels, as well as to any budget considerations. We advise you on current savings opportunities as well as long-term usage expectations based upon a unit’s quality reputation and our experience with a given brand.

We also back up our “right heating system for you” sales efforts with the best-trained service technicians in the Danbury area. Our experts are factory trained on the equipment we recommend, and provide additional training for them on customer service. They will install your new system safely, and help you maintain and repair any system you have for years of extended, affordable use.

Explore all your equipment options below and let us know if you have any questions. Our service experts can also discuss any financing opportunities.

Also be sure to learn more about our maintenance and repair services and our peace-of-mind oil service plans.

Heating Equipment

Cooling Equipment

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Equipment

  • Indoor Air Filters — Affordable air cleaning media to trap pollutants and particles
  • Humidifiers — Whole-house air moisturizing to combat dry indoor winters
  • UV Lights — To aggressively destroy most air-borne pollutants and particles

Centralized Heating and Cooling Control

  • Thermostats — Fully programmable or basic digital controls

Contact us to learn more about Jennings Oil & Propane heating and cooling equipment services. Serving Danbury, New Milford, Southbury, Newtown, Ridgefield, Kent and surrounding towns in parts of Fairfield, Litchfield and New Haven County, CT.