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Don’t Wait until It’s Too Late to Replace an Old Oil Heating Tank!

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If you’re putting off replacing your heating oil tank because you don’t have any visible leaks or stains, it could be a big mistake: an older heating oil tank typically corrodes from the from the inside out, which means a failure can come without visible warning.

If you have an aboveground tank inside your house, that can leave you with an ugly, damaging mess to clean up. If you have an underground tank outside your house, it can be a costly environmental disaster that more than likely won’t be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

How old is too old for a heating oil tank? Well, previous generation tanks are typically reliable for somewhere between 15 and 20 years–the closer you are to the long end of that number, the higher your risk for tank failure.

Let Jennings replace your underground heating oil tank

Jennings Oil is fully certified for oil tank removal and installation, working quickly, cleanly, and in compliance with all local, county, state and federal requirements to get your old tank out and a new tank in without hassles or headaches.

If you have an underground tank, we’ll excavate it, empty it, dispose of it properly and backfill the hole, restoring all your landscaping so you’ll never know it was disturbed in the first place. The whole process takes about a day. We’ll then replace the tank with a quality new heating oil tank from Granby – today’s leader in leak-proof heating oil tank design.

If you have an aboveground tank – in or out of the house – we’ll get that cleaned up and replaced, too. No worries!

Tank insurance also available

If you’re not sure if it’s time to replace your tank, we have another great option for you: our TankSure Program. A TankSure inspection uses ultrasound to detect internal corrosion so you’ll know what’s happening inside your aboveground heating oil tank.

Best of all, if the inspection determines that you need to replace your tank, you’ll receive a $1000 credit toward a replacement.

Cold weather is coming – better hurry if you want to replace your tank before the ground freezes! Contact Jennings today to sign up for a FREE estimate on a new heating oil tank for your Connecticut home!