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Does Propane Go Bad?

A look at the fuel’s shelf life

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All sorts of things that we use in our daily lives go bad and expire. The fruit, vegetables and milk that we buy at the grocery store have a shelf life. Medications eventually expire. Certain electronics have a shelf life and will eventually stop working. The same goes for many gases and fuels. But what about propane?

When do certain gases and fuels go bad?

Regular gasoline that you fill up your gas tank with stops burning properly once it’s been sitting in your tank for six months. The diesel fuel that certain types of vehicles use typically lasts about a year.

Fuels that are ethanol and bio-based actually degrade and evaporate after as little as a few months. Heating oil only lasts approximately 18 months and if it’s not stored properly this time frame is even less.

Propane’s expiration date

Propane, on the other hand, is a fuel that never actually goes bad and does not have an expiration date. This is just another benefit that the fuel offers on top of it being incredibly versatile, reliable throughout a power outage, cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Proper propane storage & tank maintenance

Part of what keeps propane “healthy”, working well and powering appliances efficiently is proper storage and proper propane tank maintenance. Here are some suggestions for properly storing and caring for your propane and propane tanks throughout all sorts of weather:

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