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What Is The Difference Between On-Road & Off-Road Diesel?

diesel delivery In this day and age, diesel is a commonly used fuel. The fuel itself is created from refined crude oil and biomass materials and it is named after the type of engine it is made for – diesel engines. Diesel fuel is currently used to power all sorts of machinery and equipment that can be found throughout a variety of different industries. It is a fuel source for freight trucks, delivery trucks, buses, boats, farm equipment, construction equipment, military vehicles, certain cars and generators.

On-Road Vs. Off-Road Diesel

Two types of diesel fuel that are currently available are on-road diesel and off-road diesel. So what exactly is the difference?

Jennings Oil & Propane and Diesel Fuel

If you are in Danbury or certain parts of Fairfield, Litchfield and New Haven counties in Connecticut and are looking for either on-road or off-road diesel Jennings Oil & Propane can help. We are available for bulk fuel deliveries for your vans, construction vehicles and farm equipment. Our reliable and cost efficient diesel services can help keep your fleet up and running.

Off-Road Diesel Fuel

Seeing as Jennings Oil & Propane has been reliably delivering off-road diesel for more than twenty years, our staff has a high level of experience when it comes to the fuel. If you are a construction company, farmer or manufacturer powering off-road equipment, using off-road diesel over on-road diesel can save you money in taxes since there is no federal excise tax. Jennings Oil & Propane can save you any hassle with our convenient fuel deliveries. We are also able to offer low-cost fuel stabilizers for off-road fueled generators at the time of delivery. Plus, our off-road fuel is ultra-low sulfur dyed diesel.

On-Road Diesel Fuel

When you get your on-road diesel fuel from Jennings Oil & Propane, you can forget all about making inconvenient stops at gas stations to fill up your tank thanks to our bulk delivery and on-site fueling services. We don’t only make the process of getting on-road diesel fuel easy – the fuel we deliver is both high quality and cost effective. In fact, the quality of the on-road diesel fuel from Jennings Oil & Propane is so high that it increases a vehicle’s engine performance due to the fact that we treat it with a 9000HE fuel additive.

If you are in our Connecticut service area, contact Jennings Oil & Propane today to learn about all we can offer when it comes to commercial diesel fuel.