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Diesel Fuel Grades & Cetane Ratings

What does it all mean?

diesel fuel Brookfield, CT If you drive a standard car, you know that you have choices when it comes to the kind of gas you fill your car up with. Most gas stations offer a selection of regular, unleaded and premium gas.

The same is similar when it comes to diesel fuel. There is a difference between the types of diesel fuel you can fill your vehicle with and most of the time the difference comes down to the specific grade of the diesel fuel.

Here is a look at exactly what that means.

What is cetane?

Before breaking down the different grades of diesel fuel, it’s important to have an understanding of cetane and cetane ratings.

Cetane is a highly flammable chemical that is a natural part of diesel fuel. Since it ignites easily, it is used by the diesel fuel industry to help determine fuel combustion quality.

Each grade of diesel fuel is given a cetane number. A high cetane number indicates a fast rate of ignition. When it comes to vehicles that rely on diesel fuel, this means that the higher the cetane number the better. A high cetane number also clues you into how easily a commercial vehicle is able to execute a cold start. A cetane rating is also indicative of a diesel fuel’s ignition quality.

Grades for diesel fuel

There are various grades of diesel fuel that are available to commercial vehicles and knowing the difference is important as it will help a driver select the kind that is best for them and their vehicle. Here is a look at the different diesel fuel grades:

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