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Propane Tank Sizes: What’s Right For Me?

propane tank service connecticutEfficiency is all about choosing the right-sized tool for a job – and picking a residential propane tank is no exception. Let your propane company help!

Residential propane storage tanks come in many sizes – from aboveground tanks and cylinders as small as 29 gallons to tanks that can hold up to 1000 gallons installed aboveground or underground.

If you’ve added or upsized propane equipment in your Connecticut home over the years but haven’t changed your tank to keep up with the greater need for energy, you may need a larger tank. You could even run out of propane, which can be a costly, inconvenient, and possibly even dangerous mistake. Consider installing a tank monitor which signals your propane company with levels in your tank – no more runouts!

Propane normally costs quite a bit less for larger tanks.

So what sized propane tank do you need? Let’s take a look.

Propane Tank Size Options

Residential propane tanks come in sizes ranging from 29 to more than 1,000 gallons. The most common propane tank sizes we offer include:

Leasing Vs. Buying Your Tank

Generally speaking, the disadvantages of owning your propane tank far outweigh the benefits.

For example, when you purchase your own propane tank, you are responsible for all installation and maintenance tasks and costs associated with your tank, including repair, replacement, and parts. You are also responsible for periodic tank recertification according to local and state laws, along with any fees charged by a supplier for using a tank that they don’t maintain and didn’t install.

When you lease a propane tank, on the other hand, the supplier is responsible for installing and maintaining your tank – including securing the permits and other common and specific requirements needed within your state. 

Need propane tank installation in Connecticut? We can help! Contact the pros at Jennings Oil & Propane today to learn more about propane tank installations and propane tank leasing in Fairfield, Litchfield and New Haven Counties, CT.