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Winter struggles

Dear Friends,

This past winter presented challenges the likes of which we haven’t seen in a long while. We endured below-average cold over an extended period and what seemed like never-ending snowstorms. But through it all, our drivers, helpers, technicians and offi ce staff were here every day — and into the night — to make sure we could provide you with the fuel and service you have come to expect from us.

Our drivers faced many hurdles, literally. We assigned two men per truck because they had to wade through waist-deep snow and cope with slippery driveways. A big thank-you to all of you who were able to clear driveways and shovel paths to your oil tanks!

Sometimes our drivers had to make tough decisions on whether to navigate a driveway or pull a 45-pound hose more than 100 feet from the road to the tank. The photo of Marco at left really sums up what they had to go through to keep our customers warm.

Through it all, there was not one single negative incident or damage to equipment or property.

It is during winters like these that it really pays off to put your trust in a company that truly values every customer. No one comes through better than our team, no matter how rough the conditions.

As we look forward to all the warmer days ahead, we hope you’ll give us a call to talk about any of the ways we can help you keep more comfortable and save money.


Jeffrey Jennings

Schedule your heating tune-up

Now is the time to schedule your tune-up because you can get an appointment that’s convenient for you. This helps you beat the fall tune-up rush.

Annual tune-ups restore your equipment to peak efficiency, which reduces fuel consumption and annual heating bills by as much as 10%. Tune-ups can also help prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. That’s why a tune-up pays for itself!

Schedule your tune-up by Aug. 31 and enter our drawing for a $100 gift card. We will pick three winners!

Once we tune up your system, it will be ready for next year’s cold weather, even after “resting” over the spring and summer. Tune-ups don’t wear off!

Call us today to request your appointment.

History has an eerie way of repeating itself. Just take a look at what was happening in the oil markets back in 1985 and compare it to today.

Over the last 30 years, there have been only two times that crude oil prices have fallen 50% or more from their peak levels. Why does this matter? Think about it: After the price plunge in 1985–86, oil prices remained low and stable for 15 years, except for a temporary blip during the lead-up to the Persian Gulf War in 1991.

Back to the Future

Then: Beginning in 1985 and continuing in 1986, crude oil prices fell by about 67%
Now: Beginning in 2014 and continuing in 2015, crude oil prices dropped by 60%

Could oil prices remain stable for that long again?

As always, it remains to be seen how oil prices will play out in the years ahead, since factors such as severe weather, the state of the economy and world events affecting energy production are unpredictable. But with U.S. oil production levels surging strongly, there is a better chance that oil prices may stay at lower levels in the future.

Production Revs Up Again

In 1985, U.S. oil production reached peak levels for the decade, with nearly 9 million barrels per day being pumped out. Unfortunately, domestic production began waning in the years that followed. However, today’s breakthrough technology has enabled us to get back to those high levels again. Total U.S. crude oil production in 2015 is on track to surpass 9 million barrels per day. And we have seen estimates that crude oil output will top 13 million barrels a day by 2019!

The new American oil revolution has changed the equation!

Natural gas spot prices

More and more, people who declined to convert their heating systems from oil to natural gas are looking pretty smart. Consider this:

Supply concerns plague natural gas

Limitations on the way that natural gas is distributed continue to create supply challenges—and price concerns. Heading into the winter of 2014–15, natural gas prices had reached their most expensive point in more than a decade because of concerns that pipelines might not be able to distribute enough fuel.*

Other factors raising concerns about the direction of natural gas prices include:

This all just goes to show that these days, oil heat customers like you have a lot less to worry about—and many more reasons to smile.

*Bloomberg News, 10/6/14

Home comfort

The cleanest, safest and most reliable fuel money can buy. That’s what you get with oil heat. And things will only get better! In the years ahead:

Why worry?

Our automatic delivery customers really appreciated how this service eliminated the worry of running out of fuel this past winter. We use a proven system based on the weather and your past usage to calculate when you need a fill-up. Also, when you get automatic deliveries, we can factor in things like weather forecasts, expected road conditions and supply levels to stay on top of our customers’ needs.

If you do not get automatic deliveries, you need to give us more time to deliver, especially when conditions are harsh. If your tank level gets too low, you risk a run-out.

If you’re interested in automatic delivery, give us a call and we’ll be glad to take away some of your worries next winter.

Our computer system monitors fuel use and tracks the weather so we know just when to schedule your delivery.

Green piggy bank

Make this the year to replace your old a/c system, furnace or boiler! Not only will your new system save you 30% or more on annual heating and cooling bills, it will do a better job of keeping your home comfortable.

Call us today to request a free estimate. We can also save you a lot of money by helping you qualify for state and manufacturer rebates.

Alane Jennings

Heating costs can really add up during a long cold winter; that’s why we offer programs to make it easier to manage your household budget and control costs.

One of our most popular programs is EZ Pay. This monthly payment program lets you spread your fuel payments out over 10 months (depending on when you enroll). If you have a credit balance at the end of any month, we are one of the few companies in the area that will pay you a rebate on that balance.

We give you price protection options too! With our fixed price plan, you purchase a specific number of gallons at a set price. If you choose to prepay for your fuel at a fixed price, we’ll give you a discount of 5¢ per gallon.

With our price cap program, you order a specific number of gallons and a “cap” limits how high your fuel price can go. This option includes downside protection, which means you can benefit if market prices go below the cap. A cap fee is required, but you can spread it out in your EZ Pay payments if you wish.

Please call us to request further details or to enroll.