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Can Propane Freeze In Winter?

propane freezing point connecticutAs one of the most powerful sources of energy for your home, propane gas can be a great ally when it comes to staving off cold weather here in Connecticut.

But how does propane stand up to the cold as a fuel in your tank?

Actually, propane handles the cold quite well, since it has a freezing point of -306.4°F (!). This is one reason why propane is the perfect fuel to use for backup power, especially in locations that experience bitter winters.

But there is one problem to keep an eye out for as outdoor temperatures plummet: When propane is exposed to extreme cold, the vapor pressure in your tank drops; in very cold conditions, there may not be enough vapor pressure in your tank to keep your system/appliance working properly.

Cold Weather Propane Tips

To avoid a vapor pressure problem during cold weather extremes:

Some other extreme weather propane tips:

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