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Start swimming season early with a propane pool heater

Remember this date: April 27, 2019. In case you’re not up on your 1,200+ National Celebration Days, that’s National Pool Opening Day – time to pull off the tarp and get skimming! The problem for those of us living in Connecticut is that April mornings and evenings can still be quite chilly: in fact, average temperatures […]

In the market for a propane-powered home? Ask these three questions first

If you’re shopping for a new Connecticut home this coming spring, you might find that some of your options are powered by propane. That’s great, considering how efficient and versatile propane can be for your home. Just remember that buying a propane-powered home comes with certain considerations that don’t apply to a home that uses […]

Three ways you can help us with fuel deliveries this winter

The good news, if you’re not a fan of cold weather, is that we have passed the halfway point of winter 2018/19. The not so good news is that, as we seem to learn every year, winter here in Connecticut ain’t over until it’s over. Whatever the weather has in store for us in the […]

Nothing lasts forever

Nothing Lasts Forever….Not Even Your Furnace

With regular professional maintenance and a little bit of luck, your propane- or heating oil-fired furnace could last 12 to 15 years or more.

Clean green

Cleaner, Greener Heating Oil

If you own an oil-fired furnace or boiler and have been looking for a more eco-friendly way to heat your Connecticut home this fall and winter, guess what: you already have it.

Carbon footprint island

Today’s ULSHO: A Greener Heating Oil

If you have been looking for a way to shrink your home’s carbon footprint but have been hesitant to convert your heating oil system to natural gas or propane, you’re in luck…

Allergies blowing nose

Five Fall Allergy Tips

When you think of allergies, you probably think of springtime – unless you’re an allergy sufferer, in which case you probably know all too well that the air can be just as bad in the fall.

Thermostat setting

What Is the Best Thermostat Setting for Your Home?

Managing the temperature of your Connecticut home with a programmable thermostat is one of the easiest ways we know to cut your energy costs…

Propane tank

Buying vs. Leasing Your Propane Tank

If you’re thinking about buying a new propane tank for your Connecticut home, we have a recommendation for you:

Don’t do it.


Jennings Oil & Propane Summer Energy Efficiency Checklist

Summer is in full swing here in the New Haven area, which means our air conditioners are working overtime to keep us cool – and you’re paying for every minute of that overtime.