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When to Fill Your Heating Oil or Propane Tank

There is always a rush for heating oil and propane fill-ups as winter approaches, since people’s heating needs increase as the weather gets colder. Likewise, summer is another busy season for propane, with families grilling frequently, using propane to heat their pools and spas, and enjoying their propane firepits in the evenings. Now is the […]

How To Save On Your Heating Bill This Winter

We’ve had a mild fall so far here in Connecticut, but winter might tell a different story starting in a few weeks. Either way, your heating equipment has been working away steadily for several months now, and the more it labors, the more you’ll pay for the pleasure. 5 Energy Saving Tips If you’d like […]

Why Get a Heating Tune-up Now?

With summer in full swing here in Connecticut, your heating system is probably the last thing on your mind. But summer is actually the perfect time to think ahead about heating so you can be ready once temperatures start to dip. Preventative Maintenance: An Investment in Peace of Mind Like any other mechanical device, your […]

How Much Propane Will I Use This Summer?

When it comes to home comfort, most people associate propane with space heating during the fall and winter months. But propane is a year-round fuel: if you are a new propane homeowner – or plan to become one soon – you may be surprised at how much of it you use for other appliances in the […]

Should You Service Your A/C This Spring?

If your A/C ran with no problems last year, you might be tempted to skip routine maintenance heading into the coming cooling season. After all, if it ain’t broke… The problem with thinking that way is that it could end up costing you in the end. The reality is that your central air conditioner loses […]

Getting Your A/C Ready For Spring And Summer

Warmer weather is on the way to Connecticut – time to get your central A/C in shape for the hot months to come! Here are five things you can do in the coming weeks to prepare your central air conditioning system for the its annual home cooling workout. Spring A/C To-Do List Replace the air filter […]

Propane Tank Sizes: What’s Right For Me?

Efficiency is all about choosing the right-sized tool for a job – and picking a residential propane tank is no exception. Let your propane company help! Residential propane storage tanks come in many sizes – from aboveground tanks and cylinders as small as 29 gallons to tanks that can hold up to 1000 gallons installed […]

Can Propane Freeze In Winter?

As one of the most powerful sources of energy for your home, propane gas can be a great ally when it comes to staving off cold weather here in Connecticut. But how does propane stand up to the cold as a fuel in your tank? Actually, propane handles the cold quite well, since it has […]

How To Avoid Big Heating Repair Bills

With the holidays behind us and tax time ahead, we have enough big bills to think about this time of year – especially if money is tight, as it is for many of us this year. The last thing any of us needs right now is a big heating repair bill. Two Major Ways To […]

Is Your Heating System Ready For Winter?

With crazy weather becoming more common these days, it’s more important than ever to be prepared for the worst. The best way to do that when it comes to home comfort? Have professionals maintain your heating equipment regularly. While routine heating system maintenance is always an important way to keep your equipment running efficiently, it’s […]