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Allergies blowing nose

Five Fall Allergy Tips

When you think of allergies, you probably think of springtime – unless you’re an allergy sufferer, in which case you probably know all too well that the air can be just as bad in the fall.

Thermostat setting

What Is the Best Thermostat Setting for Your Home?

Managing the temperature of your Connecticut home with a programmable thermostat is one of the easiest ways we know to cut your energy costs…

Propane tank

Buying vs. Leasing Your Propane Tank

If you’re thinking about buying a new propane tank for your Connecticut home, we have a recommendation for you:

Don’t do it.


Jennings Oil & Propane Summer Energy Efficiency Checklist

Summer is in full swing here in the New Haven area, which means our air conditioners are working overtime to keep us cool – and you’re paying for every minute of that overtime.

Refer a friend to Jennings Oil and you’ll both save!

Are you happy with the service you’re getting from Jennings Oil? Why not Refer a Friend and get and account credit for each of you on a future heating oil delivery bill?

Hot summer day

A ”Blazing Hot” Summer Is on the Way – Take Care of Your Annual A/C Maintenance Now!

It may be tempting to skip annual maintenance for your home air conditioning system this year – especially if everything seems to be working normally after a brief test run this spring.


Heat Pump or Central A/C: What’s Right for My Connecticut Home?

Today’s high-efficiency central air conditioners and heat pumps can be great cooling solutions for your home – but how do you know which system is right for you?

UV light lamp

What Is a Germicidal UV Light?

If you’ve ever worn sunblock, then you’ve probably at least heard of ultraviolet (UV) light – an invisible (to us, anyway) wavelength that can cause skin cancer and blindness in humans if exposure to it is high enough.

Feeling cold indoors

Propane Tank Monitoring: The Ultimate Solution for No-Stress Propane Deliveries

It’s been a roller coaster 2018 weather-wise here in Connecticut, with temperatures seeming to routinely shift 30 degrees or more in a 24-hour period (that’s happened four times already so far this year).

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