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Ways propane can make your summer better

6 Ways Propane Can Make Your Summer Better

We’ve all spent much more time indoors this spring than any of us expected (or wanted) to, but summer is coming here in Connecticut – and just because we might have to social distance a little longer, it doesn’t mean we have to be stuck within our four walls. With a little help from propane, you […]

Residential propane tank

Residential Propane: 10 Uses For Your Home

If you think propane is only for grilling, you’re missing the boat on one of the most versatile fuels around. Clean, green propane can be used to power just about any appliance inside or outside your home. It burns hot and clean, is made in the U.S.A., and can keep your family warm and secure […]

Propane: the Earth-friendly fuel

Propane: The Earth-Friendly Fuel

If you’re already using it to power one of many appliances in your North Carolina home, you know why propane is one of the most versatile fuels around. But did you know it’s one of the most eco-friendly ways to power your home, too? With Earth Day just around the corner (April 22), here are […]

how much propane

How Do I Check My Propane Tank Level?

If you manage your own propane supply rather than relying on Jennings for automatic propane delivery, your most important job is to keep an eye on how much fuel is in your propane tank. How To Read a Propane Tank Gauge: Reading a propane tank gauge is quite simple – just look for a dial […]

My furnace won’t stop running – what should I do?

Having heat is winter is obviously a good thing during winter here in Connecticut – but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. “Too much” can happen if your home heating system is constantly running even after the target thermostat temperature is reached. On the other end of the spectrum, a heating system […]

How can I save money with my furnace this winter?

Did you know that you use about 80 percent of your heating oil or propane for the year between mid-November and mid-March? That can make for some pretty high bills during those months (unless you’re a Jennings E-Z Pay customer, in which case you’ll pay the same amount month after month no matter how much […]

Winter propane safety tips

Propane is one of the best ways to keep your family warm and safe when temperatures drop here in Connecticut – but as with any fuel, you have to know what to do if the unexpected happens. Here are five key propane safety tips for the late fall and winter: Keep an eye on your propane […]

Running out of heating oil

How Do I Keep from Running out of Heating Oil?

Life can get pretty busy this time of year, with school, work, and family responsibilities all taking up space in your mind and day planner.

Furnace heating season

How Do I Get My Furnace Ready for Heating Season?

Fall 2019 has had a slow onset here in Connecticut – the leaves are only now beginning to change in Fairfield, Litchfield, and New Haven counties as temperatures begin their annual descent.

Fall/winter home energy efficiency tips

Fall is knocking on our door here in Fairfield, New Haven, and Litchfield counties – and with cool weather heading our way, the first heating bills of the season won’t be far behind. If you’re looking for ways to shrink those bills as much as possible, here are some cost-effective ways to do it. Free fixes […]