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How To Know It’s Time For A New Water Heater

You probably don’t need to be reminded about how much hot water you use on a regular basis. It’s part of our routine everyday lives. We use it when we wash our hands, shower, wash dishes and do laundry. In fact, it is estimated that the average American household uses about 60 gallons of hot […]

Breathe Easier With A Whole-House Air Purifier

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality We all know about the daily and routine cleaning that there is to do around our homes – taking out the trash, cleaning off the kitchen counters after cooking, vacuuming. But did you know that keeping your home’s air clean should be added to that list? When we think of […]

Should You DIY Air Conditioning Installation?

Reasons you should leave this job to the pros at Jennings! Spring is right around the corner, which means so is warmer weather. Is your home’s air conditioning ready to beat the heat? You can help make sure that it is by scheduling your AC’s annual maintenance tune-up with Jennings Oil & Propane soon so […]

Leasing vs Owning A Propane Tank

And Other Common Questions If you’re one of the many Americans who take advantage of propane’s versatility and efficiency and use it in and around your Connecticut home for things like warming your water, heating your home, cooking food, and running appliances, then you also have a propane tank. That propane tank (combined with reliable […]

What Is Diesel Fuel Made Of?

An Introduction You’ll find diesel fuel at work in a variety of industrial and commercial contexts. Diesel fuel powers freight and delivery trucks, buses, boats, farm equipment, construction equipment, and military vehicles. Some cars and light trucks also use diesel fuel. Generators can run on diesel fuel and be used for anything from powering a […]

How Much Does Propane Cost Per Gallon?

What Affects the Price? If your household is like most, you’ve noticed an increase in the price of just about everything you buy on a regular basis. From gas to groceries, much of what keeps your Connecticut home running costs more today than it did a year or two ago. That means households everywhere are […]

Heating Oil FAQ

Everything You Need to Know Fall is here, and we have already felt some crisp and chilly temperatures in Connecticut. This is the season when you’ll start turning up the thermostat to get comfortable. As winter approaches and the temperatures continue trending down, your home’s consumption of heating oil is going to increase. Fortunately, Jennings […]

The Best Propane Tank for Your Home

Here’s What You Need to Know One of the reasons so many households choose to use propane is because of how versatile a fuel it is. There’s so much it can do in and around your Connecticut home. It can keep your pool, home, and running water warm. It can cook your food and dry […]

End of Summer Air Conditioning Tips

What To Do Before Autumn Hits There are just weeks left to the summer season. And it’s been a scorcher. We’ve seen some of the hottest days on record in Connecticut! That means your AC has had to work really hard to keep your family cool and comfortable. And all that hard work may have […]

Propane Safety for Thunderstorms

Important Reminders At Jennings Oil & Propane, we care about the safety of our customers. Severe thunderstorms are an unfortunate part of the summer season. When extreme weather threatens, you want to do everything you can to prioritize the safety of everyone in your Connecticut household. Here are some important things you should know about […]