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What Size Central Air Unit Does My Home Need?

These are the important things to consider We all know that central air conditioning is supposed to keep a home cool all throughout the spring and summer. That is an AC system’s main job. In order for this job to be accomplished and in order for a home to actually feel cool, there are a […]

Diesel Fuel Grades & Cetane Ratings

What does it all mean? If you drive a standard car, you know that you have choices when it comes to the kind of gas you fill your car up with. Most gas stations offer a selection of regular, unleaded and premium gas. The same is similar when it comes to diesel fuel. There is […]

Does Propane Go Bad?

A look at the fuel’s shelf life All sorts of things that we use in our daily lives go bad and expire. The fruit, vegetables and milk that we buy at the grocery store have a shelf life. Medications eventually expire. Certain electronics have a shelf life and will eventually stop working. The same goes […]

Fuel Oil Vs. Heating Oil: What’s The Difference?

Here’s what sets them apart The term ‘oil’ is sometimes thrown around interchangeably. For example, some people say fuel oil when, in fact, they are really referring to heating oil. But the fact of the matter is that fuel oil and heating oil are different and they do different things. The origin of heating oil […]

Should You Install A Propane Stove?

Take a look at the benefits of cooking with propane Anyone who has ever taken on a kitchen renovation or remodel has probably been faced with a big decision when it comes to selecting, deciding on and installing a stove. And that decision is about whether or not they should install a propane stove. The […]

October Is A Great Month For A Heating Oil Delivery!

The month of October is oftentimes filled with raking leaves, picking out pumpkins, apple picking and gearing up for Halloween. But there is one other thing that should be added to your October to do list and that is scheduling a heating oil delivery. Why You Should Schedule A Heating Oil Delivery In October Even […]

Does My Grill Tank Need Recertification?

Do you use propane to fuel appliances and machinery around your home? There could be a good chance you do considering everything that propane can be used for, including heating, cooking, drying clothes, outdoor lighting and grilling. If you spend a lot of time grilling with propane during the warm Connecticut spring and summer months […]

What Is A Propane Tank Monitor?

We all have a lot to keep track of in our day-to-day lives. From jobs to families and friends to homes to taking care of ourselves, it often feels like there is constantly a lot going on that needs to be managed. Fortunately, keeping track of how much propane you are using doesn’t need to […]

What Is The Difference Between On-Road & Off-Road Diesel?

In this day and age, diesel is a commonly used fuel. The fuel itself is created from refined crude oil and biomass materials and it is named after the type of engine it is made for – diesel engines. Diesel fuel is currently used to power all sorts of machinery and equipment that can be […]

Troubleshooting Your AC System

When the weather final warms up here in Connecticut and we need an instant way to cool down we, of course, automatically turn to our air conditioning. Whether your home uses a central air conditioning system or relies on a mini-slit (otherwise known as ductless) unit you will undoubtedly be running your air conditioning for […]