Serving parts of Fairfield, Litchfield & New Haven Counties since 1982

Our Mission

The core mission of Jennings Oil & Propane is to continually earn our customers’—and prospective customers’—business by providing the best value in heating fuel delivery and heating/air conditioning equipment services in the Danbury area.

Homeowners and business owners place their trust in us to keep them warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and safe all year long. We always strive to provide high-quality service at a fair price.

Everyone who works at Jennings Oil & Propane understands that our business will be strong if we follow these core principles:

  • Choose integrity consistently—The most important trait for our business (both individually and as a whole) is to have strong moral principles. Every action, decision, and conversation must be made with consistent integrity.
  • Listen and exercise empathy—Listen carefully to everyone you are in contact with, particularly customers. Try to understand the perspective of those with whom you are interacting.
  • Practice effective communication—Develop and use good “people” skills, writing abilities, and the critical and strategic thinking required to generate action, change, understanding. Become effortless at communicating a certain idea or point of view.
  • Perform work efficiently—Minimize waste, expense, and unnecessary effort without compromising the results. Increase the value of our services by reducing their cost.
  • Improve constantly—Examine all business activities, eliminating inefficiencies and finding better ways to operate. Improve processes to increase output, efficiency, effectiveness, and technical expertise.
  • Support our community—Be a supportive and positive member of your community. We live in the area we serve. Our customers are also our neighbors.

These are more than just words on a website; these are words we live by. We convey this mission to new hires as part of their initial training, and we remind ourselves of—and measure ourselves against—our core principles throughout the year.

Contact us to learn more about Jennings Oil & Propane and our commitment to outstanding customer and community service. Serving Danbury, New Milford, Southbury, Newtown, Ridgefield, Kent and surrounding towns in parts of Fairfield, Litchfield and New Haven County, CT.