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Jeffrey Jennings

One Call Does It All

Dear Friends,

We wouldn’t have been able to thrive all these years in a competitive market like Connecticut if we hadn’t always put our customers first.

Eric Olson

$500 in Rebates Available

Eric Olson, our equipment installation manager, is happy to discuss your options in new equipment.

Congratulations, winners!

Congratulations, Winners!

Everyone who had a heating system tune-up between April 1 and August 31 this year was entered to win a drawing for one of three $100 gift cards. And the lucky winners are:

propane, heating oil

Safe and Comfortable with Propane and Oil Heat

Whether you use propane, heating oil or both, this information can help you make smart decisions — and stay safe and comfortable too!

Jennings propane supply

Plenty of Propane

We would never have committed to offering propane to you if we couldn’t guarantee a secure and steady supply.

What Are Customers Saying?

It’s always great to hear from customers. It lets us know whether we’re doing a good job—and makes us keep raising the bar for ourselves on service.

Tom Schoeller


Now that we’re offering propane, we have expanded our team to make sure we have the best people ready to serve you safely and professionally.

Jeffrey Jennings

You Asked, We Delivered: Propane

Dear Friends,

Great news! We now deliver propane and provide installation and repair services for many types of propane systems.

Uses for propane

Why Do People Like Propane?

Propane is an efficient, clean and safe fuel that is exceptionally versatile! People in New England use home propane appliances in so many different ways:

Comfort Made Easy

Staying safe, saving money and keeping comfortable are easy when you use propane or heating oil in your home.