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A ”Blazing Hot” Summer Is on the Way – Take Care of Your Annual A/C Maintenance Now!

Hot summer day

It may be tempting to skip annual maintenance for your home air conditioning system this year – especially if everything seems to be working normally after a brief test run this spring.

As it turns out, that could be a costly mistake.

If experts are correct, we’ve got a scorcher coming in 2018 – which means that your air conditioner will have to work harder than usual to keep you comfortable in your Connecticut digs. That hard work will inevitably take a toll on your cooling system – and if your A/C isn’t ready to withstand the workload, it could give out at the first sign of a heat wave, resulting in a costly repair visit on one of the hottest days of the year.

That’s why our technicians perform comprehensive diagnostics as part of our routine A/C maintenance, looking for warning signs that will eventually make themselves known under the strain of day-to-day use.

Still not enough to convince you? Then consider this: your manufacturer’s warranty could be voided without an annual tune-up (most warrantees require routine maintenance to be performed during the period of coverage). Imagine having a problem with your air conditioner that should be covered – only to learn that your manufacturer won’t pay for it because you can’t prove your cooling system was properly serviced.

Talk about a summer bummer!

The bottom line: annual air conditioning maintenance is an investment that will usually pay for itself in a single season in the form of lower energy bills – not to mention the money it will save you by preventing costly, unnecessary repairs in the future.

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