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6 Ways to Save Money on A/C This Summer

Programmable thermostat

If you’re like most people in the US, you’ll spend as much as 20 percent of your annual energy bill cooling your house. But with a little planning, you can cut those costs significantly.

These six tips will help you reduce your cooling bills this summer.

  1. Close unused air vents – If you have central AC, close air vents in rooms you’re not using. Why pay to cool rooms you’re not enjoying? If you have a ductless system, take advantage of zone cooling to direct cool air where you need it most.
  2. Supplement you A/C with a ceiling fan – Ceiling fans work great – especially when you use them with air conditioning! Ceiling fans allow you to raise the thermostat by about four degrees with no loss of comfort – and at a far lower cost than running your AC.
  3. Clean your air filter – A dirty air filter will cause your air conditioner to work harder to force air through your ducts, reducing efficiency (and eventually causing other problems). Check your air filter monthly, and plan to change it at least once every summer.
  4. Get an Annual Tune-Up – Performing routine maintenance won’t just keep your equipment running at peak efficiency, it will also help prevent premature equipment breakdown. A small investment in a tune-up from Jennings Oil is one of the best ways to save money year after year on your cooling bills.
  5. Use a programmable thermostat – Take advantage of the savings benefits of a programmable thermostat by letting your house run slightly warmer when no one is home. Raise it a bit at night, too – especially on the hottest days, since it’s the contrast between outdoor and indoor temperatures – and not the absolute temperature – that makes you feel cool. When you’re in the house, target a temperature of about 78 degrees to balance comfort with energy savings.
  6. Invest in a new cooling system – Energy efficiency matters, whether you’re buying a central air conditioner, ductless air conditioner, or heat pump. A high-SEER air conditioner that saves you 10-20 percent on your monthly bills compared to your older model can pay for itself in 3 or 4 years!

Jennings Oil can help you choose an A/C model that’s a perfect match for the heating load and conditions of your home, with options from great brands like American Standard, Airtemp, Ruud, Broan, Fujitsu, and LG.

Contact us for a free estimate to see how affordable a new cooling system can be!