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Service Plans

Heating systems service plans: Winter warmth without the worry

During any given Connecticut winter, homeowners typically have three primary concerns:

  • How high will my fuel costs climb?
  • Will my heating systems continue to operate?
  • If my heating system fails, can I get fast repair service?

The most important thing you can do to relieve these worries is sign up with us for a regular maintenance program. You will save a lot, including some energy from undue stress.

Save on heating bills

An annual tune-up helps keep your system running at its peak efficiency, cutting fuel bills by as much as 10%. Not only do our expert techs conduct a careful visual inspection of all key components; they also use sophisticated electronic testing equipment to measure efficiency and ensure optimum operation.

Save on repair and replacement costs

Industry records show that four out of five system breakdowns could have been prevented with regular maintenance. Our service plans can save you hundreds—even thousands— of dollars on repair costs over the life of your equipment.

They will also reduce the likelihood of any inconvenient breakdowns and extend equipment life.

All replacement parts are new and are covered by a one-year warranty.

Save on emergency response times

While we do our best to respond quickly to every customer emergency, as a loyal service plan customer you’ll get priority service over non-plan customers.

If you lose heat, we will be at your home the same day you call, usually within four hours.

Save even more with loyalty credits!

For each consecutive year you are enrolled in any of our service plans, you will earn $50 in Loyalty Credits. You can accumulate up to $500 in credits and apply them to the following equipment when purchased from us:

  • Boiler: $400
  • Furnace: $300
  • Oil Tank: $200
  • Oil Burner: $100
  • Water Heater: $100

Three plans from which to choose:

Oil Efficiency Plan

Oil Comfort Plan

Oil Premium Plan

15-point tune-up performed once during the service agreement term during regular working hours.
15-Point Tune-up
  1. Check and clean controls: Thermostat(s) circuit, primary control, and CAD cell relay
  2. Check safety timing.
  3. Clean flue pipe, inspect chimney base, and check operation of draft regulator.
  4. Clean electrodes, insulators, nozzle adapter, and retention head
  5. Vacuum flue passages
  6. Replace nozzle, strainer, and filter cartridge.
  7. Check oil flow.
  8. Clean and lubricate burner motor, fan blades, housing, air intakes, and vents.
  9. Check and clean belt, pulley, and blower motor.
  10. Lubricate blower motor.
  11. Replace air filter.
  12. Check burner pump coupling.
  13. Lubricate circulator pump and motor.
  14. Check fuel pump operations.
  15. Perform combustion test and adjust burner for optimum performance.
10% off all repairs.
Priority service.
No diagnostic fee. 10% off diagnostic fees.
No after-hours charge for no-heat emergencies. (Repair must be covered under service plan.)
Free replacement of nearly 100 covered parts.
Free replacement of nearly 142 covered parts.

Covered Repairs

24-volt transformer
Blower circuit board
Burner mount relay
CAD cell control
CAD cell eye
CAD cell relay
Circulator relay (1 zone only)
Double aquastat
Emergency switch
High-limit control
High-pressure regulator
Hydraulic jack
Low-limit control
Low-pressure regulator
Preference relay
Pressuretrol control
Primary control
Reverse aquastat
Stack control
Toggle switch
Triple aquastat
Triple aquastat relay
Warm Air System
Air filter (1 inch” disposable)
Blower belt
Blower fan belt
Blower motor (up to 3/8 hp)
Damper motor
Fan control
Fan limit control
Tpride cleanout cover
Clean-out cover basket
Tpride site door cover
Zone control board
Oil Burner Parts
Air shutter
Air stabilizer
Air tube assembly
Bulkhead adapter
Burner blast tube
Burner cable
Burner capacitor
Burner coupling
Burner fan
Burner flange
Burner flange gasket
Burner housing assembly
Burner master control
Burner motor
Burner switch
Buss bar transformer
Buss bar transformer leads
CAD cell assembly
CAD cell eye
CAD cell wires
Delayed oil valve
Delayed oil valve coil
Electrode assembly
Electrode wires
End cone
Exposed low voltage wiring
Flare fittings
Fuel filter cartridge
Fuel filter cartridge gasket
Fuel filter complete
Fuel pump
Fuel pump bellows
Fuel pump bleeder
Fuel pump couplings
Fuel pump fittings
Fuel pump gasket
Fuel pump needle valve
Fuel pump seal
Fuel pump strainer
Ignition leads
Ignition terminals
Ignition transformer
Low- voltage transformer
Low- voltage wiring
Nozzle adapter
Nozzle assembly
Nozzle line
Porcelain insulators
Retention head
Riello capacitor
Riello photocell
Solenoid valve
Static plate

“Oil Premium Plan”-Exclusive Covered Repairs

Air scoop
Autofeed backflow combo,
Automatic air vents (boiler)
Automatic water feeder
Backflow preventer
Bearing assembly
Circulator complete (1 per year)
Circulator coupling
Circulator impeller
Circulator motor
Circulator motor mounts
Circulator switch
Circulator wicking
Clean-out gasket
Clean-out plate
Copper pipe and fittings*
Damper motor
Draft regulator
Expansion tank
Extrol tank
Feed valve
Flow check valve
Hose cap
Hose cap washer
Low-water cut-off
Low-water cut-off float
Low-water cut-off switch
Mixing valve
Pop safety valve
Purge air from heating system
Purge valve
Relief valve
Smoke pipe
Temperature pressure gauge
Thermostat (1 per year)
Zone control board
Zone valve complete (1 per year)
Zone valve motor
Zone valve power head
Zone valve relay
Zone valve stem

Learn more about coverage and terms and conditions here.

Contact us to learn more about how Jennings Oil heating systems service plans can help you have a worry-free winter. Serving Danbury, New Milford, Southbury, Newtown, Ridgefield and surrounding towns in Fairfield, Litchfield and New Haven counties in CT.